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Attenborough’s Killifish – Serengeti’s new Conservation Flagship

see East Africa’s iconic Serengeti Plains attract worldwide acclaim in media and tourism. For decades, films and photos have highlighted the largest unaltered animal migration remaining on Earth. Wildlife … Continue reading

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Old Man River….The Proto-Zambezi

The philosophical gist of the proverb that ‘one cannot step into the same river twice’ does not apply to a river’s channel, especially where the encompassing age of such extensive, … Continue reading

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Hominins in the Wetland Archipelago

The recent paper on the genetic structuring of African lions – see this Post invoking geological and palaeoclimatic evidence –  has fascinating implications for hominin evolution. These implications centre around links between … Continue reading

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Genetic Structuring of African Lions

This essay explores the implications of the recent paper by Moore et al. (2016) in the Journal of Heredity, describing the remarkably strong phylogeographical structuring in populations of African lions, Panthera … Continue reading

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Himalayan Spiny Frogs are Tectonic Proxies

Che et al. From the Cover: Spiny frogs (Paini) illuminate the history of the Himalayan region and Southeast Asia. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2010; 107 (31): 13765 DOI: … Continue reading

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Founding Studies in Geoecodynamics

What criteria qualify a study as a founding contribution to Geoecodynamics? I ague its data have to incorporate molecular clocks into analyses of patterns of genomic variation in a suite … Continue reading

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Dated Plant Phylogenies Resolve Neogene Climate and Landscape Evolution in the Cape Floristic Region

Published 30 September 2015 PLoS ONE Fig 2. Habitat transitions over time across 12 CFR clades. Upper panel: Error plots (median ± 0.95 HPD) depicting, for each clade, the … Continue reading

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Emerging Frontiers

In progress….

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November 2015: Several posts have been completed and I have also updated the Supporting Pages, listed in the left-hand menu of the Home Page. August 2015: Thanks for taking a look. … Continue reading

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